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Do you love your dog, but don’t love their behavior? It’s common for dog owners to be overwhelmed when it comes to training their furry friend basic or more complex commands. Fortunately, the Certified Professional Trainers at Charleston Dog Training are here to give your dog the training he needs, and to give you a dog with excellent manners.

Who We Serve

The team at Charleston Dog Training serves dogs of all ages and breeds, throughout the Charleston County area.

What We Offer

Our Certified Professional Trainers are ready to train your dog – no matter the age – and teach you how to keep it up at home. Each of our programs are tailored to your dog’s needs and your family’s preferences. We offer a range of services from Puppy Potty Training to Boot Camp programs that return your dog with working knowledge of more than 10 commands.

More important than our training programs is our training philosophy. We are committed to your dog’s obedience and to your personal relationship with your dog. Our Certified Professional Trainers are only a text message or phone call away and ready to help if you have questions or concerns. We are always available to help our Charleston Dog Training alumni dogs and families!

    How We Do It

    Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to obedience training. Your dog needs to know their boundaries and your expectations, as well as have plenty of time to practice. For most dog owners, obedience classes once per week with intermittent practice at home in between just don’t cut it. At Charleston Dog Training, we give your dog plenty of time to learn and practice throughout the day, accelerating their learning and giving you quick (and consistent) results.

    Give us a call to set up your consultation; we would love to hear more about you and your dog! Let’s work together to give you a well behaved dog and an even happier home.

      We Help With:

      Charleston Dog Training- Training Services-Play Biting

      Play Biting

      Charleston Dog Training- Training Services-House Training Mistakes

      House Training Mistakes

      Charleston Dog Training- Training Services-Nuisanace Barking

      Nuisance Barking

      Charleston Dog Training- Training Services-Pulling While Walking

      Pulling While Walking

      Charleston Dog Training- Training Services-Jumping on people and furniture

      Jumping on people & Furniture

      Charleston Dog Training- Training Services-Not listening to you

      Not Listening To You

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