Back to school season is in full swing as families throughout the Charleston area get back into the school routine. Heading back to school is a transition time for everyone in the family, and you may notice some additional stress or anxiety in your household. At Charleston Dog Training,we know the benefits of letting your family dog get in the back to school action; signing up your dog for school with us can bring some positive changes throughout your home.

Ready to get your family dog back to school? Here are just a few benefits to expect.

Less stress
Your kiddos aren’t the only ones who are experiencing stress related to a school routine. Your dog can feel the transition as well and may exhibit that anxiety through bad behaviors like barking, whining, or chewing. When you send your dog back to school with us, you give him the chance to work hard and play hard all day. He’ll be too busy to remember his separation anxiety with the kids at school, and you’ll love that he comes home tired and ready to cuddle.

Better obedience
There is nothing quite as stressful in a home than a dog that just won’t listen or behave. An obedient dog is a happy dog, and an obedient dog makes for a relaxed family. Your dog will learn obedience with us and have the chance to practice his commands in a variety of distracting situations in our studio. When he returns home, everyone will notice the positive change!

Pleasant walks
Exercise is a wonderful way to beat back to school stress, and your dog would love to tag along on your next neighborhood stroll. However, without proper leash manners, dogs can end up pulling their owners along the sidewalk or lunging at oncoming walkers. Make your walk more pleasant by giving your dog the gift of leash expectations. At our studio, we work with your dog on leash manners first because we know the importance of regular exercise for dog and for human.

Better socialization
Your child heads to school to make new friends, and your dog can too! Poorly socialized dogs can be fearful and not confident, which could result in biting or barking. Give your dog the chance to interact with new dogs and new humans in a safe space at our studio.

At Charleston Dog Training, we offer multiple options for your dog and family. We serve dogs of any breed and of any age, working to set clear expectations for better results at home. Give us a call to talk about your situation and discuss which of our school options could work best for your family.

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