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Backyard Safety for Your Dog

The weather is beautiful and you are likely spending more time entertaining, and enjoying your home’s outdoor space. Whether you live in an apartment, townhouse, or single family home, your backyard is important to you and your dog. Here are a few of our tips on how to assure your canine companion is safe and happy in your home’s outdoor areas.


Practice Commands in the Backyard

It’s important to practice obedience commands with your dog everywhere, including the backyard. When you practice commands in the backyard, you are not only giving your dog a mental workout amidst many distractions, you are also reinforcing the fact that obeying is important in all scenarios and settings. If your dog is used to running free in the backyard area and not having to listen to you give commands, he will be much less likely to obey in the backyard when it counts.


Proper Fencing is Key

If your backyard area is fenced, be sure your fencing is suited for your dog. A low fence is not going to keep an athletic dog in, and a fence with a broken post is going to keep a nosy dog inside either. Walk around your property and check each post to assure everything is in working order.


Keep an Eye Out

Sending your dog outside to burn some energy doesn’t mean you can ignore him while he is outside. Even the most well-behaved dog can get spooked by a passing animal or find another distraction that could lead to dangerous consequences. Keep an eye (and an ear) open and check on him while he is outside often.

Are you searching for a way to bring your dog inside when he stubbornly wants to stay outside and play? A bit of obedience training and practice can go a long way, even for the most stubborn pooch. Give Charleston Dog Training a call to talk more about your goals and situation. We offer training in your home (or backyard), local parks, and elsewhere. Let’s get your dog better trained today!


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