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Beach and Boat Manners for Your Dog

Spring is on its way and everyone is looking forward to some extended daylight hours, warm weather, and even more time to hit the water. Most dog owners around the Charleston area enjoy bringing along their furry best friend when they hit the beach or boat. However, an untrained dog can be a serious safety hazard. Here’s what manners you and your dog need to master before you head out for the season.


Before you consider letting your dog off-leash in appropriate beach or boat situations, be sure he can consistently and reliably respond to the Come command. There is nothing that can ruin a day at the beach than chasing your dog around or losing him altogether. To make his response consistent, practice, practice, practice. Be sure you practice in your home and backyard, and among a variety of distractions. Begin your practice with your dog on a long leash and work your way to consistency.


If you have been a follower of Charleston Dog Training for long, you already know we love the Place command. Giving your dog a specific spot to stay and relax can be beneficial at home or at play. Put your dog in Place while you are pulling your beach supplies out of the car or preparing to get your boat in the water. Place can also be handy while on a boat, assuring your dog is safe during the ride.

Proper Leash Manners

If you are at the beach for a morning walk or for an afternoon of play, you don’t need your dog lunging and pulling on the leash. Excellent leash manners are important to dogs of all ages and require practice. Once you have had the pleasure of strolling with a dog who doesn’t pull on the leash, you will wonder how you ever took a walk without those skills!

If you have a new puppy who needs obedience training, or if your older dog needs to brush up on their skills before you include them in your next beach trip, give the team at Charleston Dog Training a call. We offer years of experience working with all breeds and ages, giving owners the start they need to a great relationship with their dog. Let us make your next beach day a safe and happy one – set up your training today.


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