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Dogs of all ages learn best with consistency, practice, and relaxation. For most dog owners, it is impossible to squeeze in consistent practice while dogs are learning obedience commands. With Charleston Dog Training’s Board and Train 14 day programs, you can assure that your dog is learning, practicing, and playing. There is nothing else like our Board and Train program throughout our area, and it won’t take you long to see how our program makes a huge difference in the success of your dog’s obedience.

Learning Together
During our Board and Train program, your dog will spend 14 days with a designated Trainer. During the day, your dog and Trainer are working hard in the studio, learning new commands (10 total, to be exact) and practicing them in a high distraction environment. At the end of the day, your dog hops in the car with his Trainer to see what obedience looks like in a home environment.

Your dog will learn leash manners so that walks are pleasant for both of you. He’ll also learn commands like Sit, Come, Down, and Stay; all of these commands will help you keep your sanity at home and will help keep your dog safe.

Playing Together
Don’t worry – our Board and Train program isn’t all practice and seriousness. There’s plenty of time for play and for extra snuggles, both at the studio and at the Trainer’s home!

We will send you daily updates and photos of your dog throughout the Board and Train program. When you return to pick up your dog after the 14 day program, you will be astounded at how well behaved your dog is! We will spend time together, teaching you the commands and how to keep your dog following commands at home.

Continuing Together
After you head home with your dog after our Board and Train program, keep us posted on progress! Our Trainers are committed to your dog and to your family; we are readily available to help out via text to solve small problems that may arise. Further, we offer you a complementary private session to work on anything else that you may want to address.

Are you ready to be amazed at what your dog can do? We are ready to partner with your family through our Board and Train program. Give us a call to set up your free consultation!

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