New Boarding Policy


New Boarding Policy

Our professional dog Trainers love the chance to board and train. Not only do the dogs get plenty of practice and obedience reinforcement, our Trainers and dogs spend time playing, exercising, and snuggling together. In order to give your dog the best experience during their boarding time with us, it is imperative that our clients observe our boarding guidelines.


Pick Up and Drop Off
Dropping off and picking up your dog is an exciting time for both of you. Please note that your dog must be picked up and dropped off between the hours of 8am-10am or 4pm-6pm Monday through Saturday. There are no pick ups or drop offs on Sunday. This schedule allows our dogs and our trainers to have consistency throughout the day.

We understand that sometimes our schedule does not match yours. If your dog needs to be dropped off prior to 8am, we encourage you to drop him off the day before instead. That way, you can meet your own scheduling needs and your dog still gets to us during our approved times. (Note: you will be charged for the prior day drop off). If you drop off or pick up your dog after 6pm, you will be charged a late fee, which is an additional night of boarding.

Holiday Boarding

Our Trainers observe the following holidays: Easter Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. If your dog needs to be boarded on these holidays, they need to be dropped off with us two days prior to the holiday. There is also an additional surcharge of $25 for any boarding that takes place during the holidays observed by Charleston Dog Training. Unfortunately, we cannot accept drop offs on our designated holidays.

Thank you for your consistent support of our business. We love working with our clients and your dogs, and we never take your trust for granted. We appreciate you following our guidelines when it comes to booking and executing your next boarding time with us.

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