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Ready to pick up and head out of town for a quick weekend away or an extended relaxing vacation? As a dog owner, you need to not only worry about your travel itinerary – you also need to consider who will watch your dog while you are gone. Putting your canine companion in a kennel at a boarder can be stressful for you and for your dog. Not only do you worry about your dog getting enough play time, exercise, and attention, your dog can become restless and anxious in a new and unfamiliar environment.

Fortunately, the team at Charleston Dog Training is the answer to your boarding situation. Not only do we offer boarding for any of our training Alumni, we do so in a comfortable environment – at our homes!

Our boarding service is unlike anything you will find elsewhere. Your dog spends the day working on command practice and obedience, along with plenty of playtime and socialization with other dogs we are training. Your dog also gets exercise and practice with distraction endurance.

Finally, at the end of the day, your dog heads home with our Trainers to relax in a cozy home, not in a cold and cement cage. Your dog spends the evening getting a few more practice sessions, in real life situations at home. For example, holding Place while the Trainers eat dinner or practicing Down Stay before heading out for an evening walk.

Your dog gets time to relax and to snuggle, as our trainers offer lots of positive attention. Even better, your dog has been working hard during the day so he will sleep without any problems at night. The next morning, it’s off to do it again.

Boarding at Charleston Dog Training is an investment on many levels. Not only does your dog get brush up practice on commands while you are enjoying your time away, you also get peace of mind that your dog is hanging out with Trainers that you already know and love – and that you know love your dog too.

Don’t delay in reserving your Boarding spot; give us a call to be sure we have your dog on our calendar.

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