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How to Choose a Dog Trainer You (and Your Dog) Will Love

Being a dog owner comes with serious responsibilities, and serious questions about how to perform your duties in the best way possible. What food should you choose? What veterinarian would be best for your dog and for your family? Should you purchase the dog sweater or not?

One of the biggest decisions that comes with dog ownership is how you will approach obedience. Certain dog truths apply for all ages, breeds, and types of pooch – all dogs need to be obedient in order to be safe at home and in the community. If you are struggling with obedience training on your own, you are not alone. Most dog owners do not know where to begin teaching their dog obedience, and that’s okay. Dog trainers are here to help give your dog the practice and reinforcement he needs to be the best dog ever.

How can you choose a dog trainer that you will love? In a sea of trainers,it can be difficult to find one that will give you the results you need, while still loving your dog. Here are a few things to look for as you begin your search.

Assure Professionalism and Training
First things first – make sure the trainer you are looking at has been trained themselves. Professional Dog Trainers have been certified through accrediting agencies, after taking extensive coursework in a classroom and in the field. Ask what types of training the trainer has had, as well as any additional certifications or continuing education. If the trainer hasn’t been through a formal process, politely pass and move on.

Ask About Their Training Philosophy
You can tell if a trainer loves their job by just asking them to explain it. Inquire about the trainer’s obedience philosophy or techniques and watch their reaction just as much as you listen to their words. A trainer that lights up when talking about the dogs they have trained is sure to pour their energy into their role.

Talk About Success Stories
When chatting with a potential trainer, ask about their results as well as specific success stories. A trainer will learn more about your own dog before giving real life examples about how they helped a dog similar to your own.

Watch Them With Dogs
Be wary of any trainer that doesn’t invite you to the studio during times when dogs are around. Watch your trainer interact with dogs. Are they firm yet playful, or are they disengaged? Search for a trainer who genuinely loves working with dogs; you will know it when you see them practice hard with their pups while also playing during exercise time.

Trust Your Gut
You know your dog and you know your home’s needs. You will know if the trainer you select gives you good feelings when you leave your dog at the studio confidently.

Are you ready to meet our professionally trained and certified trainers at Charleston Dog Training? We have years of experience working with dogs of all ages and breeds, and with working with owners to give them a healthy relationship with their dog. Give us a call to talk more about your needs today!


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