Choosing your dog’s trainer is an important decision. Your dog is a part of your family, and your dog’s trainer will rapidly become a central figure in teaching you how to communicate with your furry best friend. There are many philosophies of dog training and trainers are as different as could be – how can you know you are making the best decision? Here are a few things to consider as you choose your dog’s trainer.

Location, Location, Location

Your dog trainer should be accessible for you and your family’s schedule. While you may love a trainer who is an hour away from your home, driving there may not be realistic on a regular basis. Instead, seek a trainer who has a location within a reasonable driving distance. Even better, find a trainer that offers in-home sessions so that you don’t have to jump in the car at all – this option is especially beneficial for busy families and for dogs that get carsick or have travel anxiety.

Training Options

A dog trainer that only has one training option is likely not a great fit. Training requires flexibility and each dog (and their family) has different needs. Look for a trainer that has a few training options, specialized for puppies, potty training, and obedience.


You don’t have to be a professionally trained dog trainer to open a business, and that can be a bit scary for protective dog owners. Choose to look for a trainer who has been professionally trained themselves, and who has worked with a variety of interventions for different breeds and ages.


Speaking of working with different breeds and ages, consciously look for a trainer who has a versatile background. You want a trainer who has worked with dogs who have a similar temperament as your dog, and who has experience working with undesirable behaviors (barking, chewing, etc.) that your dog exhibits as well.

Genuine Love for Dogs

You don’t want to work with a trainer who sees your dog as work. Instead, you want a trainer that genuinely loves dogs and who knows that an obedient dog makes for a happy family.

Are you ready to work with a trainer who can give your dog the gift of obedience? Let’s work together; the team at Charleston Dog Training has the caring attitude, the training,  and the experience that will make them a part of your extended family. Give us a call to tell us more about your dog, your family, and your goals.

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