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Commands Your Dog Needs to Know Before Your Next Walk

Dogs love going on walks. It’s a great way for them to burn some energy, explore, and sniff everything around. Dog owners, however, sometimes have a different feeling about walks.

Have you ever found yourself avoiding your next walk, or eliminating daily walks altogether, thanks to your dog’s less than stellar behavior? Maybe your puppy isn’t quite sure how to walk with good manners and tangles the leash around your legs from circling around, or perhaps your older dog lunges at every passerby. Does your dog pull on the leash so much that it feels like perhaps he is the one taking you for the walk? These are common dog behaviors, but ones that can be tamed with a bit of obedience work. Your next walk will be immensely better if your dog knows, and follows, certain commands.

Even though you are going to be moving for most of your walk, start with your dog mastering the command Stay. This command assures that your dog will stay put when you need him to, whether that is while you clean up after him or while a bicycle darts across your path.

The Heel command keeps your dog close as you walk, keeping him focused on you and not the distractions around him. While you wouldn’t spend your entire walk in a Heel command (after all, sniffing and exploring is part of the fun for your dog), it is a wonderful tool to have when other dogs or people are passing by, or when you want to work his concentration.

Let’s Go
A Let’s Go command gives your dog more freedom than a Heel command, and allows him to sniff and even get a few steps ahead of you on his leash. However, the Let’s Go command does not allow pulling or lunging, which means you remain the one in control.

Putting your dog in a Sit throughout your walk, whether at intersections or just in the middle of the beach, gives your dog the chance to work his brain and not just his body during your walk. The extra obedience practice mixed in with the walk increases concentration in distracting places and can lead to even better behavior at home.

Are you ready to have a dog who you love to take on walks? Obedience and leash manners are the key to daily walks that keep you both happy and healthy. Give us a call to talk more about our training programs; we love seeing owners and their dogs reconnect after practicing obedience, and our Professional Trainers are ready to help you both succeed quickly.

Let’s get you on your next walk with a happy and obedient dog!


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