It’s the season for gift giving, and while you are checking your list, don’t forget to include something special for your furry best friend. Many of our clients here at Charleston Dog Training ask us for recommendations for canine-inspired gifts, and we always have a few ideas to share. Here are just a few of our favorite gift ideas this year for your dog…and for the dog lovers in your life. Happy holidays!

Subscription Boxes
It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Subscription boxes are fun gifts to give, as the recipient gets a new box each month via the mail. We especially love subscription boxes for puppies or dogs who go through toys quickly. Your dog won’t have time to get bored with their toy before a new one arrives in the mail. Check out options like BarkBox, Bullymake, or Pooch Perks.

A New Leash
Sometimes the best gifts are the most practical ones. Use the holidays as a chance to get a new leash for your dog (and you) to enjoy. We love long leashes for practicing obedience from greater distances, as well as durable leashes (with sturdy carabiner latches) for safe hiking.

Clothes for You
We cannot get enough of these breed-specific hoodies and tees for the whole family at Inkopious. The quality is great, and everyone will know which dog holds your heart.

We love when family members have framed artwork that includes their dog! Find a local artist or hit Etsy to find someone to paint, draw, or sketch your best pal.

Donations to Those in Need
Your dog may not need a new toy or leash this year. If that is the case, consider spreading some cheer by donating to a local shelter. Money donations are always the best gift option, but you can also donate food, blankets, or other materials by calling the shelter to see what they need.

Training or Brush-Ups
Obedience training is a gift to both your dog and to yourself. Don’t miss out on the chance to improve your relationship by giving your dog obedience training here at Charleston Dog Training. We offer multiple options to fit your needs and schedule, including intensive boarding training with our Professional Trainers.

What are you gifting your dog this year? We’d love to hear what you are wrapping up for your furry companion.


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