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Good Walking Habits for You and Your Dog

Walking is beneficial for you and your dog, but many dog owners skip a daily stroll with their canine companion due to time constraints or low energy levels. However, incorporating a daily walk into your regular routine can keep you both feeling fit, connected, and confident. Here are a few habits you can start today that will get you – and your dog-loving a daily walk.

Go At the Same Time
Humans and dogs are creatures of habit, and you are more likely to continue with a daily walk if you always do it at the same time of the day. Your dog doesn’t necessarily care if you go in the morning, afternoon, or evening, as he will be excited to hit the pavement at any time. You, however, may find it easier to get out on your walk if you choose a time of day that works best for your energy levels and daily routine. Early birds may enjoy a morning walk before work while night owls may have the most success after dinner. In any case, try to stick with your walk during a consistent time of day and you will find you are more likely to curate a habit that will last.

Remember How You Two Feel
After a walk, you and your dog are likely feeling great. Fresh air can do a lot for your stress levels, and your dog may seem more calm or relaxed after he gets his energy out during your walk together. Take note of the short and long-term benefits you see for yourself and your pooch to give you the extra motivation when you want to sit on the couch instead.

Invest In Gear
Dogs don’t mind going on a walk in most types of weather. You, however, may want to stay indoors if it is too hot, too cold, too rainy, or too windy. Invest in simple gear that will make walks in inclement weather easier, such as a comfortable pair of shoes, a raincoat, or a leash you love.

Eliminate Bad Manners
Many dog owners don’t take their daily walks because their dog has poor leash manners. If your dog lunges at other dogs, pulls you down the sidewalk, or stops too often to dig or bark, some obedience training from the experienced team at Charleston Dog Training is definitely needed. Our training programs are built on good leash manners, and we can teach your dog how to walk without lunging, pulling, or barking.

Your daily walk is good for you and for your dog. The activity also fosters your connection with one another. Don’t miss out on a good walking habit just because your dog hates the leash. Let us help get you back on the trails together. Call us today to tell us more about your situation so that we can get started


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