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Holiday Manners for Your New Puppy

You love your new puppy and can’t wait to spend the holiday season together. Puppies certainly can make the holidays a bit brighter – and a lot snugglier. However, your pup’s first Thanksgiving and other family celebrations can be quite overstimulating. Here are a few manners your new puppy should pick up and practice before the guests begin ringing the doorbell.

Your new puppy can learn to sit at a young age, and this command should be first on your list before company arrives. You can use the Sit command to calm your puppy before guests pet him, or to assure that he is listening to you even when the room gets a bit noisy.

No Jumping
Whether you use the Off command or another phrase, puppies should know it is never okay to jump on your guests. While most puppies jump to say hello to someone who strolls through the front door, jumping can get dangerous fast, especially when the jumping dog is as tall as kids who are in the home. Make sure your puppy knows jumping is a no-no.

No Bite
If your puppy is especially young, those puppy teeth can be sharp! While your puppy never bites to be mean (he is just exploring the world around him), that type of contact can be an unwelcome addition to your family get-together. Practice the “no bite” command, and do it often. It can be especially helpful to practice a “no bite” command is loud or distracting environments, as those family gatherings can get pretty rowdy.

At Charleston Dog Training, one of our favorite commands to teach pups is Place. When our dogs are on their Place, they are happy and safe. You can use a Place command to assure your puppy isn’t running out the front door as your guests are coming in, or isn’t grabbing a piece of turkey from your toddler nephew’s hand during dinner time. This versatile command requires practice and consistency, but once you and your pup use it regularly, you will both love it.

Not sure if your puppy is ready for the holiday excitement? There’s still time to enroll him in any of our dog training programs, including our Board and Train options. Give us a call to find out what options could work best for you, your puppy, and your upcoming holiday schedule. We would love to work with you!


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