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Is Your Puppy Getting Enough Socialization?

When you are getting to know your new puppy, you have a lot to wonder about. What kind of food should the puppy eat? Will the puppy ever sleep through the night in their crate? When will the puppy finally learn to pee outside? Why does the puppy chew so much? Even with all the typical puppy frustrations and questions, it is easy to see why people love these furry creatures – they are cute, snuggly, and refreshingly curious.

If you have a new puppy in your home, you may not even realize that what you expose your puppy to during their first 8 months of life will likely affect their personality for the next 10 years. Puppies are ready to explore the world, and the more positive experiences they can have during their early life, the more confident and well adapted they will be in the future.

Why Puppies Need Socialization

Puppies are curious creatures, but as they grow, they can become scared of things they haven’t had experience with. Unfortunately, fear can cause anxious dogs or even aggressive dogs who show off some unwanted behaviors. Fortunately, the more you can expose your puppy to early on (and give lots of positive reinforcement), the more you can grow confidence in your pup and decrease the chances of those negative behaviors.

How to Socialize Your Puppy

Your puppy is a sponge, taking everything in. Be sure to give him plenty to think about and experience by taking him with you as much as you can. Go for drives so that he gets used to the car. Go for walks near construction zones so that he gets used to different sounds. Take him to pick up your child from school so that he can get used to kids running around. Take him to the coffee shop, the mechanic, or on a hike. The more he sees and experiences, the better.

Socializing your puppy is more than just taking him places, though. You also have to get him used to new people and animals. This is when a Puppy Preschool comes into play. At Charleston Dog Training, we use a curriculum focused on positive experience, confidence building, and plenty of socialization. Puppies get the chance to be held and petted by lots of different people, as well as having the chance to sniff and play with some new puppy friends.

Your puppy deserves the chance to learn as much as possible these next months, and you deserve the chance to learn skills from professional dog trainers. Call us today to sign up for Puppy Preschool and give your puppy their best start!


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