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Puppy Potty Training Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Did you get a new puppy for the holidays? We love puppies here at Charleston Dog Training – they are a perfect mix of cute and snuggly, curious and slightly destructive. One of your biggest tasks as a new puppy owner is to get that pup potty trained. This is no small feat, and we have seen plenty of poor attempts over our years as Professional Dog Trainers.

However, successful potty training can get your relationship with your new furry addition off on the right foot. You will be able to set boundaries and expectations, all important as your puppy learns where he belongs in his new pack – your family. To make your potty training experience as pleasant as possible, avoid a few of these common puppy potty training pitfalls.

Not enough supervision
Puppies who are in the middle of potty training should never be unsupervised. Your puppy is not ready to have run of the house (or run of the room) while you go to work, hit the gym, or jump in the shower quickly. We have found that close supervision works best so that owners are able to get the puppy outside as quickly as possible.

Not enough praise
Potty training should be a time to praise your pup incessantly. Did they pee outside? Praise that pup. Did they poop outside? Praise that pup even more. Lots of verbal praise, pets, and even the occasional small treat will show your puppy that going potty outside is the right thing to do. Your puppy, no matter the breed, has an innate desire to please you. But, he has to know when he is pleasing you; you can communicate through plenty of praise.

Not enough consistency
Dogs are creatures of habit, and puppies especially thrive with routine. Many owners will not establish a routine of potty consistency, which can make potty training take even longer or make it more frustrating for the owner and for the pup.

Not enough support
Potty training is hard work, and most puppy owners simply don’t have the time to do it correctly. Fortunately, the team at Charleston Dog Training has the time, the experience, and the love to get your puppy succeeding with potty training. Our potty training program gives puppies the consistency, the supervision, and the praise to make potty training happen quicker. Owners love the rapid results and the direction on how to keep it up at home.

Are you ready to get the help you need with potty training? We’ve got you. Give us a call to set up a consultation so that we can meet your puppy and find out your goals. We can’t wait to meet you!


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