Charleston Dog Training- Testimonials-Gracie

“Bob and I were beginning to think we’d made a mistake in getting Gracie, our nearly year old extremely active and curious golden retriever. Now we’re in the midst of Mary’s training Gracie and us! What a difference we see in only 3 sessions! Thank you Mary!”Laura W. of Mount Pleasant

Charleston Dog Training- Testimonials-Yorkie

“I finally had met my match when I rescued the biological sister of my Yorkie. She had been living in Miami with a woman who had taken ill shortly after getting her. Needless to say, she had no training and made all of her own rules. The past four years have made my life unbearable. Any trigger of me leaving the house caused her to go in to a total frenzy. She barked. She would spin, lunging to bite me. I had spent thousands on this dog. Trainers, behaviorists, communicators, energy healing, acupuncture. I had the behaviorist that rehabbed Michael Vicks dogs work with her with no success. I am the former publisher of a dog magazine so I had all of these people at my disposal. People finally told me to drug her or put her down. It made me so sad to see her so anxious. She would bark and spin so hard she would knock herself in to the wall and then it amped up my other dogs. They would attack each other going out the door or walking down the street. Yet, I really questioned whether it was anxiety or control. After seeing some posts from Mary of Charleston a Dog Training I could sense his level of skill and compassion. I referred him to my friend for her puppy and was amazed at what he accomplished in just days. The difference that I see (and why he totally guarantees his work) is HE trains your dog. Not him walking along you telling you what to do and then leaving you in the dark. He works my dogs two hours a day for 10 days. The repetition from someone that knows what they are doing is key. My dogs love him and he is my Emma’s man crush. We are not quite finished the program and I can walk out my door, take out my trash, go out and have a life with the expert training of Mary Slaven and Charleston Dog Walking. I chose to post this because I know there are many others that share my love of pets but experience the frustration I have had as a concerned pet owner.”-Denise I. of I’on

Charleston Dog Training- Testimonials-Gryffin

” Mary is nothing less than amazing! We were stunned by the leaps and bounds our pup Gryffin has made after spending only two weeks with Charleston Dog Training! Gryffin is still our energetic, happy go lucky, love everyone fur child, but he is now a well mannered boy! We cannot thank Mary enough for their incredible skills and expertise! I highly recommend Charleston Dog Training to anyone interested in a well behaved dog! These guys rock!” Laura G. of Charleston

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