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Troubleshooting Holiday Misbehaviors

The holiday season is here, whether you and your dog are ready or not. At Charleston Dog Training, we tend to see frustrated owners call during November and December because frequent visitors and home entertaining have stressed out their dog. Unfortunately, many dog owners do not have the tools to make the holiday season a calm and obedient one for their canine companion. Here are a few common dog (and owner) misbehaviors that bubble over during the hustle and bustle of the last few months of the year.


More Barking Than Usual

Between the Amazon deliveries and extra guests stopping by, your front door is busy this time of year. Unfortunately, your dog may see all this extra activity as another reason to be on high alert. Barking can increase significantly during the next few months, and it takes some work on your end to set appropriate boundaries for your dog. Try distracting your dog with obedience practice or a new chew toy to keep him busy while your front door is getting extra use.


Food Stealing

The holidays are full of delicious food, which means if your dog is already a food-snatcher, you will need to stay extra vigilant. Not only is stealing food or begging bad manners, it can also be dangerous for your dog. Work on your Place or Down command with your dog while you are cooking, eating, or cleaning up so that he is too busy being obedient to try to sneak a bite.


Jumping on Guests

If your dog rolls out the welcome wagon for your guests by jumping up on them, it can be a problem this season. Some guests may not mind, while others could be annoyed or even downright frightened. Put your dog on Place when the doorbell rings and only release him to greet guests if he can do so calmly and without jumping.


Obedience practice and training, as well as regular exercise, can keep your dog feeling happy this season and not misbehaving. If you are seeking guidance on how to get your dog ready for the next few months, let us help. We have the experience you and your dog need to have your best-behaved holiday season yet.

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